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system to work effectively and to include a feedback mechanism for continuous improvement. Organisation météorologique mondiale et le, programme des Nations unies pour l'environnement. Sabine 1918 Dosch, Markus 7202 Dreas,. Recovery The restoring or improving of livelihoods and health, as well as economic, physical, social, cultural and environmental assets, systems and activities, of a disaster-affected community or society, aligning with the principles of sustainable development and build back better. Le giec réunit les plus grands scientifiques mondiaux sur la question du climat.

Disaster risk The potential loss of life, injury, or destroyed or damaged assets which could occur to a system, society or a community in a specific period of time, determined probabilistically as a function of hazard, exposure, vulnerability and capacity. La 12e conférence (COP 12) s'est tenue à Nairobi (Kenya) du 6 au 17 novembre 2006. Marion Friedrich, Karin 6521, 6522 Fritz, Daphne Hsi-Hong 3066, 3104, 3105, 7802 Fuchs, Ursula Fuhst,. Annotation: Good governance needs to be transparent, inclusive, collective and efficient to reduce existing disaster risks and avoid creating new ones. Fisher, Rowman Littlefield Publishers, Lanham, 2004,.131. Building code, a set of ordinances or regulations and associated standards intended to regulate aspects of the design, construction, materials, alteration and occupancy of structures which are necessary to ensure human safety and welfare, including resistance to collapse and damage. While there is a large degree of overlap, an emergency can also relate to hazardous events that do not result in the serious disruption of the functioning of a community or society.

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It should be noted that, in climate change policy, mitigation is defined differently, and is the term used for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions that are the source of climate change. Le premier ministre a mme dit : « Kyoto est essentiellement un complot socialiste qui vise à soutirer des fonds aux pays les plus riches 9 ». «Qu?bec, leader en changements climatiques» «Le Canada est le principal fournisseur de p?trole et de gaz naturel des?tats-Unis», Ressources Naturelles Canada, 2007(consult? le 28 septembre 2008) «Les sables bitumineux, une?pine dans le dossier canadien», Radio-Canada, 30 novembre 2005(consult? Holger 6554, 6555 Fischer, Uwe 5301, 5610, 5611, 5612, 5614, 5615, 5620, 5629, 5630, 5631, 5632, 5633, 5638, 5946, Fittipaldi, Diego Rodrigo 2600 Fließbach,. En 1995, un nouveau rapport a conduit au protocole de Kyoto. La mise en uvre conjointe (MOC) est un mécanisme de financement de projets ayant pour objectif premier le stockage de carbone ou la réduction des émissions de gaz à effet de serre. Build back better, the use of the recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction phases after a disaster to increase the resilience of nations and communities through integrating disaster risk reduction measures into the restoration of physical infrastructure and societal systems, and into the. Risk transfer can occur informally within family and community networks where there are reciprocal expectations of mutual aid by means of gifts or credit, as well as formally, wherein governments, insurers, multilateral banks and other large risk-bearing entities establish. Mitigation measures include engineering techniques and hazard-resistant construction as well as improved environmental and social policies and public awareness. Evacuation Moving people and assets temporarily to safer places before, during or after the occurrence of a hazardous event in order to protect them. Capacity, the combination of all the strengths, attributes and resources available within an organization, community or society to manage and reduce disaster risks and strengthen resilience. The related term readiness describes the ability to quickly and appropriately respond when required.

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